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Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves. Manny Patino, Jorge Moreno

Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves

ISBN: 1576239101,9781576239100 | 98 pages | 3 Mb

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Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves Manny Patino, Jorge Moreno
Publisher: Warner Bros

Afro-Cuban Bass GroovesBass Sheetmusic | PDF Sheet => 9.6MB + MP3 @ 339kbps => 66MB | RS.COMEnglish | 96 pages ? Oscar Stagnaro - Afro-Cuban Slap Bass Lines English | PDF | 56 pages | 24.95 MB Afro-Cuban Slap Bass Lines. Instructional methods for bass guitar. Fretted Instrument-Methods/Suppleme. THE SLAP BASS BIBLE This book is written in the style that I like to teach.. Find 0 Sale, Discount and Low Cost items for Dubtune - Dubstep and Drum n Bass - prices as low as $10.00. So, I've acquired a copy of three latin bass books - "Latin Bass" by George Lopez, "Afro Cuban Bass Grooves" by Manny Patino, and "Latin Bass Book" by Oscar Stagnaro (my inspiration!). Dm7 dorian scale: D-E-F-G-A-B-C Try to transpose this lick to all different keys. I think it's good deal Afro-Cuban Bass Grooves Manual de bajo - ritmos latino. Using surdos to create heavy dance bass lines, snares, tamborims, bells and hand drums to create interweaving beats, and cleverly arranged percussion bridges to create that all important tension and release, this course will More about us: Global Grooves offers high-quality specialist training in inspirational international performance arts: Music and Dance; Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, West African, and South Asian drumming, dance, and song, photography and art. These lessons enable the student to practice applying the bass lines to typical chords and progressions. Latin & Afro-cuban bass lines are somewhat similar in their syncopation to bass lines in Rock or funk. African, Cuban, Instructional and Play Along. I'll use it with all of my students." -- Dave LaRue, Bassist (Steve Morse Band), Columnist, Bass Player Magazine "From. The syncopation itself is often based on root & 5th, as has been been noted . Aqui encontraras una gran variedad de ritmos de musica afro caribeña, este material comprende de un libro en pdf y un cd de audio que servira de apoyo.

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